Attention Youth Baseball Coaches:

How To Teach Pitching
To Kids Age 8-12

Introducing "Youth Baseball Pitching
Mechanics and Fundamentals"
Becoming a top notch youth baseball pitching coach is now as easy as 1-2-3...
  • Bone up on a small number of basic fundamentals                                                                  
  • Learn how to teach those techniques to young players in a safe, effective way
  • Master a handful of simple drills to reinforce them in practice                                  
"Youth Baseball Pitching Mechanics and Fundamentals" shows you exactly how to do that in the fastest, easiest way possible.

Your instructor is 2-time NCAA Division 1 Coach of the Year George Horton, who personally mentored 9 different All-American pitchers during his reign at Cal State Fullerton.

Inside, you'll discover his complete, A-Z formula for training pitchers from 8-12 years old.

It's 76 minutes long, and jam-packed with specific tips and strategies for developing sound pitching mechanics... and improving your pitcher's velocity, control, and confidence on the mound. All while reducing the risk of arm injuries.

Here's a small taste of what's included:
  • How to break down and teach the 3 essential phases of the pitching motion, including detailed demonstrations and developmental drills
  • How to spot and correct common pitching mistakes - like the "foot-slide,“ "bobble-head,“ "ball-squeeze" and more…
  • Step by step instructions for the 5 essential pitches every youth baseball coach should know (including arm action, forearm position, and grip)
  • A simple half-inch grip tweak that creates a wicked “late movement” spin on the ball, and ensures the hitter NEVER makes contact with the sweet part of the bat
  • The MOST IMPORTANT conditioning exercise for preventing arm and shoulder injuries
  • How to set up your practice plans to ensure your pitchers get enough repetition and instruction (without neglecting the rest of your team)…
  • And a lot more...
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Frequently Asked Questions
Still sitting on the fence? Check out these answers to the most common questions coaches ask...
What age level is this for?
This online clinic is designed for kids age 8 to 12, and recommended for beginner and intermediate level players. The focus is mostly on basic fundamentals, with additional material to challenge your more advanced athletes.
How long does it take to start seeing results?
If you follow these skill progressions in this online clinic, we're confident that you'll start seeing improvement at your very next practice. All of the video segments are broken down in step by step detail, with clear demonstrations and coaching pointers. So you can learn these techniques quickly, teach them quickly, and start seeing results right away!
Can parents and athletes use this? Or is it just for coaches?
This online clinic includes drills and techniques that can be done individually, with a partner, or with small group of players. So it’s great for coaches to use during team practice… OR for parents or athletes who want to work on their skills at home.
How do I access the videos? Do I need to wait for anything in the mail?
You get instant access to the entire online video clinic, right over your computer, smartphone or tablet. There's no waiting for DVDs in the mail, and no shipping charges.
What if this doesn't work for me?
This online clinic comes with a special 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason, you're not 100% thrilled with the material, just send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we'll gladly refund you full payment. No questions asked. No funny business. No "wiggle clauses." You either love this resource or you don't pay a penny.

Price Today: $47.00 $37.00

Today Only $19